Letters Between Friends: HOMETOWN

Last week in my vlog I asked Lindsay to show me Peoria in summer!  She delivered with some BEAUTIFUL pictures that make me feel a bit more connected to my Midwest roots.


Dear Tricia,

I’m scared showing you all these pictures of Peoria.  I don’t want you to get sad or start crying.  BUT you told me to so I have to.

OK!  Top 4 things I bet you’re missing about Home/Peoria/USA…

1.     This week was the Heart of Illinois Fair.  All the local fairs are happening right now…Now I’m sure you miss those creepy carneys who always seem to have extra long butt cracks.  But what’s more American then EVERYTHING fried??  Bet they don’t do that in Athens!


2.     Country Living at it’s finest… 


Crop Dusting…hands down the coolest to watch


Gardening. I harvested my first vegetables this week…green beans, zucchini, peppers, basil, parsley, chives, and my tomatoes are GROWING!  Hands down best year I’ve had yet…Dina said that you all plan on having a garden at some point…and I’m sure people grow on their roofs but Lindsay garden? Only in America…


Look at the fields!  They’re so GREEN!  Sometimes I get shivers thinking that the same sun rises to wake you up after it puts me to bed.

3.     Kittens…we’ve added to the crew since Forrest moved to the Feed Store.  We needed cats to keep the mice down so…WELCOME Charlotte (the one with the white stipe) & Mona.  Her name is Mona because for the first day straight she hissed and moaned at me even as I was holding her.  Charlotte got her name because she’s very adventurous and always has spider webs on her face.


4.     You may have seen this on my IG but this is DEFINITELYsomething I would miss from Peoria!


Honorable mention… Avanti’s!  (I mean because really…all we think about is food…)

Ok…your assignment…Show me these things…

  • If you were to go get a cup of coffee where would you go?
  • Diet wise, what’s the biggest difference?
  • What habit or norm are the Greeks most fascinated about you?
  • What does fashion forward look like in Greece?

Have a great day!! Love you!

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