Letters Between Friends: ONE DAY LATE

Lindsay gave me some seriously good advice (check out my letter to her last week for context) AND she has five very good reasons, BUT.  Her letter to me was one day late!  So I am therefore upping our blogging stakes and instituting a new rule:  Whenever one of us is late to blog, the other person gets to issue a challenge that must be completed during the next week.  So get ready, Lindsay.  In my letter next week, I will challenge you to….something!  I haven’t thought of it yet.


Dear Tricia,

I have broken the chain!

I have failed you!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.  *Distress! Destruction!* 

Um… I’m really sorry that I didn’t get you a letter yesterday.  We need to Skype BAD!  My life is going about 300 mph.  I don’t know what that is in kilometers…but I’m going slightly crazy.

Now!  To answer your question.  Should I stay in Greece after this year? I think Jesus is really the ultimate answer giver, but of course, I’m always happy to give my two cents.

STAY IN GREECE.  You are right.  One year is not long enough.  You can ALWAYS come home for a visit, but Dina needs you.  I also think your anxiety is a sure sign of your value and purpose there.  If you weren’t anxious, then I can hear it, you’d be like, “well, then I’ll just go home.”

The fact that it’s hard to live in Greece with all the paperwork just means God has more of an opportunity to work AND you have to rely on HIM even more!  Let’s start researching how we can fundraise for you.   He’s got this, we just have to do the work.

Consider all the unknowns an ADVENTURE!  This is OUR ADVENTURE!  It’s like a metaphorical road trip where I can help with the map.  Just give me a day or five….

Just a tid-bit into my life right now (merely for your entertainment)

  • I submitted my resignation at my job for 5/31 – 31 work days left.
  • My daughter has had two different stomach bugs this week…both involving puke which Nathan can’t handle well…I laugh a little inside that he works with cow poop and cuts off cow nuts all the time, but he can’t handle Ruthie’s puke. J
  • We are getting ready to launch the Church website. (I’m freaking out)
  • Our other business adventure that I can’t talk about on line (hence why I’ve been MIA) has some hiccups.
  • Tessa is diva…a flower child, smiles-her-way-out-of-everything, cute as a button, baby-chubs, DIVA!

I miss you like crazy which just means I need to see you soon.  I’m working on this…I promise.

Love you friend,


Seriously, that line about how if I weren’t anxious about this decision, I would just go home?  THAT IS GENIUS.  Thank you, Lindsay Beth!  You are so right.  Thank you for turning my anxiety into something helpful!

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