Letters Between Friends: AVANTI’S

It is STILL Thursday in the Illinois,USA!  I am not late…yet…


Dear Tricia

T-Minus 32 days left of work.  Then it is on to the NEXT adventure… WHICH WE MUST VIDEO CHAT SOON!  I can’t post it online yet, but I must tell you so many things.

Sooo…My punishment…I MUST take you to Avanti’s. 

Well, I need to take you again, because now that I’m re-reading this, I should have done more. But you did go with the WHOLE fam! And Tessa split her spaghetti with you. You didn’t seem to mind.

The sweet bread was so tasty.  It’s like candy but in bread form, but of course, no better for you than candy. DREAMY  (I’m going to do a round 2 and post more goofy pictures.)


*my creepy Ruthie look-alike picture inspired this*.
You must find 3 people that remind you of someone you know from the States.
Then you must post a picture or video explaining why.

Oh, Tricia…Around here has been CRAZY!  I have hit hermit mode again with my blog because I just want to spew, but I can’t talk publicly about my next job yet and I refuse to talk about my work in a negative manner on my blog.  I just finished more wedding paper goods today and Mary Kay is going AMAZING!  But I’m slightly miserable.

Someone needed to tell me when I was younger that I couldn’t do anything in life…b/c I was taught I can do ANYTHING and I’m doing EVERYTHING!  Or maybe reverse osmosis. Someone needed to tell me I could do anything I wanted!

Oh yeah and that TURNING 30! No!  Not possible.  I’m POSITIVE I am still 22.  People have it all wrong.  Ugh.  I’m not gasping at my 30, but I am thinking…No! That’s not possible.  I feel like I just got out of college still.  WEIRD!


I miss you like the world misses PRINCE!


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