This Blog Will No Longer Have Book Reviews

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.24.11 AM

If you like my (often overly emotional) reviews of books, head over to It’s Always Been Books.  My most recent review of The Raven King, fourth book in Maggie Stiefvater’s series and breaker of my heart in the best and worst ways, is there!

It’s Always Been Books was my review platform for years before I experimented and merged the book reviews with a personal blog here at ItIsTrish.  And it was fine, but I feel more and more that the reviews are a separate entity from my musings on Christianity, traveling, feminism, and life in Greece.

I transplanted all the reviews from the past ItIsTrish year to It’s Always Been Books, where they sit alongside hundreds of old reviews.  Honestly, when I look at my “Title Archive” page over there, it feels comically long.  BUT.  I will bear that burden with pride and hope people can navigate to their interest well enough.

If you are only here for my book reviews, I’m sorry for the switch-up, but I hope to see you over at It’s Always Been Books!

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