Letters Between Friends: SPRING BREAK

Okay, I either misread my Greece Scavenger Hunt OR I am wrong about what kind of tree I found.  We’ll count this as half a point??  


Dear Tricia,

How come when we take Spring Break it’s not really spring break at all?!

I’m supposed to be sleeping in and the girls and I are supposed to be watching movies all day being LAZY and do NOTHING!  But, HANDS DOWN, this is one of the busiest weeks so far this spring!!!!

The weather here is on the brink of nice.  As you enjoy your 70 degree days (you suck), our weather is like…(And I can hear it talking), “Oh, you like this, well I’m going to pour down rain so as soon as you get your daughter in clothes to go outside, I’m going to sprinkle and make all the equipment wet and muddy!  HA Ha HAA!”  

Things are moving forward in all walks of life.  I handed in my resignation last Monday, so I have begun the processes of prepping for my absence.  EEK!  Nathan and I are going to talk with someone this afternoon about our next step as business owners.  There’s something in the works, but I can’t really talk about it here.  I’m working on finishing up a wedding.  The church is interested in a new logo, so we are working on that.  Not to mention the website.

(Here’s the full list)
Completed:  1 of 10
Although it’s not exact, I’M COUNTING IT!
**You will eat a DATE! …as soon as it’s done growing!**


I am excited for the arrival of Dina!  I swear we will make her visit AWESOME!  I’m loving the cooking class idea.  I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a fundraising idea…But I think I have something in mind.  I’ll talk to your mom as soon as I can breathe outside of spring break!  I see yummy food in our future!  SCORE!

I loved your pictures the other day of the furniture assembly!  I was feeling giddy with you! This is going to be AWESOME!  Praying like crazy for you!  Miss you tons!  I need to Facetime you soon.  We will set a date.




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