Letters Between Friends: A CHALLENGE IS EXTENDED

Man, even when Lindsay is “off” her blogging game, she still comes up with awesome letters.  I’m super excited to print this one off and tape it to my Greek bedroom wall as inspiration to live a little bolder…and weirder.


Dear Tricia,

First can we please take a look at this picture today on my Timehop?!


This was EIGHT years ago!  Like almost TEN, but not!

I had such high hopes for this letter!  It was going to be something awesome, like “5 Things You MUST Pack to Greece.”  But all I could come up with was scotch tape and chapstick.  Then, I was going to do pictures from our last few New Years Parties.  NOPE scratch that…Christmas Breaks…cope.  Not cool enough.

So, now here I am at 4p in the afternoon frantically trying to put this letter together, and I got nothing…Ok…I do best in lists, so let’s make a list of all the things you should do in Greece.  

10 Things You MUST Do in Greece

  1. Find a building that is white and blue like this picture.


  2. Eat REAL Greek yogurt.  Then tell me if Americans got it right.
  3. Pick an olive from an olive tree.  Or a fig…a fig will work too.
  4. Take a picture of the most picturesque Greek man.
  5. Dress up in authentic Greek garb…it looks AWESOME!
  6. Pose as a gladiator.
  7. Eat Feta cheese on something.
  8. Take a picture of somewhere that is in a motion picture.
  9. Be adventurous.  Not dangerous…adventurous!
  10. Find something American in Greece.

Should you not complete these tasks you will be whipped with a wet noodle x7!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!  I hope you stay up later than I do.  If I make it past 9:30p it might be a miracle.





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