Letters Between Friends: 2 DAYS…


Dear Tricia,


I am actually rather surprised that I am so ready, but I am going with someone WAY more organized then me, so she’s helping with that process!  Love it.  I am trying to prepare my mind for Athens, but I honestly don’t know.  I’m still in the “WING IT” mentality.

My list of “To-Dos Before 10/29” is fairly short…mostly just finish the girls’ Halloween Costumes & close all my Mary Kay sales for October, and go Grocery shopping…and lay out clothes for the girl…well, and a few more other things, BUT IT’S SHORTER than it was!

My Mary Kay ladies are SUPER excited about my trip.  They were so encouraging.  They brought me LOTS of free GOODIES to leave.  I hope we have WAY too much fun.  I may have to take off my proverbial consultant hat for an hour and try some of this stuff myself.

I keep getting giddy for all this extra time I will have soon.  My brain has set such high expectations for wanting to write like CRAZY and read books and reflect on life and Jesus and veg, but I’m trying to lower them and take the “SUCCESS” odometer out of the trip. It’ll be a FREAKIN’ awesome success when I land in Athens.

Last random thought…I’m still trying to think of another tattoo JUST IN CASE…  I’m kind of clueless right now, which I can hear my mama (and your mom & Cheryl) saying, “Well, then maybe you shouldn’t get one…,” but let’s get serious.  I’m getting one.  *psh*eye roll* I’m SOOO 30 years old.

Ok, Love.  See you in 2 Days!  WHAT?! Next LBF we will be IN THE SAME SPACE!!!

*sorry no pictures.*  Here.  I’ll make one..




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