Dear Tricia,

Fall weather has hit. Like a pumpkin pie to the face. After the weekend, we went from 89 to 67 yesterday and 59 today.

I do know that you enjoy fall and warm-like clothing, but I don’t remember your feelings on Tanners. Completely nostalgic, yet terribly overpriced, but I will probably be back every year, and of course those apple cider donuts…yeah…that place.

We went there today. After we picked up the girls at school Mom and I took them out to frolic in the brisk air.  Nathan has a soft spot for the apple cider donuts so of course we sent him a picture to rub in his bearded face…


We played on all the fun trains & buses &slides.  I really wonder what goes through a kid’s mind sometime when they come to a place like this with SO much stuff today.  I feel like I would be so overwhelmed I’d shut down and just watch…but Ruthie was like a pinball in a pinball machine.  *ping*ping*ping* 

Tessa tried to keep up but her short little legs couldn’t get her anywhere fast enough.  Gigi assisted.  We chuckled a little because the play area was un-manned when we got there, so we figured since it was the middle of the day on a Thursday, we could just go in, which was a relief because it would have costed us $36 to go in. Well…she had just stepped away. Because she was totally sitting there when we left…Ooops…

If I could bring you fall in a jar, I will figure out away.  I’ll get to work on that…
WE HAVE HIT EXACTLY 1 MONTH! Excited really isn’t the proper word…especially since today Emily booked our trip to SANTORINI!?!?


WHAT!?  Man, I love that Jesus calls you to such amazing places!
What do I pack!? Oooh. Next LBF!  Help me come up with a packing list!  See you soon my sweet friend!



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