Workout Week #4

Progress Report

Last week I said I was giving myself a holiday break from working out, and that definitely happened!  Although my family went hiking on Monday and burned a lot of calories, I did nothing else exercise-y the rest of the week.  Plus, there was Christmas food and drinks everywhere.  It’s no big deal, because I firmly believe that healthy eating/living includes the occasional feast.

Goals for Next Week

However, the feasting period is over!

Family time is over, I’m back in my everyday routine, and I can return to regular workouts and tracking my food intake.  I think I’m still going to go easy on myself – I might have lost some muscle strength and endurance over this week.  I won’t increase my goal; instead, I’m going to repeat it.

I want to do at least two workouts more often than not this week.  We’ll see how it goes and re-evaluate next Saturday!


      • Gosh, well I know I need exercise to feel well. It’s not about weight loss or calories burned for me, but that it helps burn anxiety and worry away. Running outside or biking In or out for 30-45 minutes clears out my head. Yoga quiets my mind also, cures my back pain, and makes me feel awesome. Weight lifting, is additional, but makes me feel powerful and strong! Those activities, plus water consumption and decent nutrition, are my trifecta of happiness, feel good, living well. Well plus my submission, of course…

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        • That’s awesome. I really like your perspective of health and strength. When I’m stressed or anxious, I tend to internalize my emotions and withdraw into myself. I’d like to learn to workout my emotions through exercise, but that doesn’t come naturally to me.

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