Sunday Summary #12: What’s On the Internet


1|  I went to a baby shower this weekend, so Amanda Machado’s article about the cultural values we learn by celebrating weddings and babies and bypassing career accomplishments and life experiences hit especially hard.  I live for the day that I can attend a Travel Shower or a New Job Shower.

2|  WOW, what a beautiful description of the pain that comes at the intersection of mental illness and faith.  Molly Polig opens up about her lifelong struggles with depression, anxiety, and self-harm, and how trusting in God through all of that makes it both better and worse.

And now, the Star Wars-related things on the Internet!

1|  S. Jae Jones has the same reaction I did while watching the movie: delighted disbelief at seeing herself (as a female) all over the screen!

2|  Tasha Robinson counters the claims that Rey is a Mary Sue with the admission that hey, haven’t male characters been overly competent/skilled/suave FOREVER?   I’m perfectly happy to sit back and enjoy a female character that is too good to be true.

3|  John Green nerds out about how The Force Awakens brings back the mythic quality of the original trilogy that was so lacking in the prequels.

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