Workout Week #5

Progress Report

By the Number

I met my goal of doing more than one workout more often than not!  There wasn’t a lot of consistency, but that’s for next week.

By My Feelings

It was SO HARD to get started after taking off last week for Christmas.  I skipped Saturday because “Well, it won’t be on the calendar week,” and then I skipped Sunday because, “I kind of tend to skip Sundays.”

But once I gave in on Monday and got back to eating smaller portions and remembering how short a 7 Minute Workout actually is….and happily realizing I didn’t lose my pushup progress…I was back!  (Except for Thursday, which was New Year’s Eve and another gimme).

Goals for Next Week

I’m going to switch things up a little bit next week.  If I continue to increase my workouts, it’s going to eventually be ridiculous with all the checkmarks.  Instead, I’m going to keep track of minutes.

My goal:  15 minutes at least 5 times a week.

That may sound…infinitesimal, but remember!  I’ve been doing the 7 Minute Workout.  My new goal will mean doing that workout twice, plus something else (or doing other exercises greater than 15 minutes).

I’m also playing around with the idea of including a section about food…we’ll see!

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