Sunday Summary #13: What’s on the Internet


1|  More people crying over how Rey in The Force Awakens is their girlhood dreams come true!

2|  The World of Wanderlust girls have made a great list of mistakes solo travelers too often make.  While they unfortunately (and necessarily) include far too many female-safety tips (WHY CAN’T MEN JUST RESPECT WOMEN’S AUTONOMY AND NOT BE POTENTIAL RAPISTS) there’s a lot here that’s really useful!

3|  The Mary Sue wrote a phenomenal article about accusations that Marvel’s Jessica Jones is sexist toward men by focusing too much on women…when actually there is an exactly equal ratio of female/male characters.  Hm.

4|  WOW.  Derek Webb, one of my favorite singers in high school, wrote a strong, hard, beautiful confession of his adultery and responsibility in breaking up his marriage.  His faith is everything mine is: doubtful and hopeful.  I’m so glad he is continuing to share his soul with us so that we can grow from his example.


1|  This tiny girl is every Star Wars nerd.

2|  Hahahaha, this video is GOLD.

3|  WOW.  I don’t know why this exists or what Gypsy of the Year 2015 is, but some people performed Hamilton’s “Wait For It” with a background of news headlines from 2015: discrimination, hate crimes, terrorism…culminating in “Forgiveness – can you imagine?”

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