Letters Between Friends: A NEW PHASE


Tricia:  Thursday is universally recognized as Lindsay/Tricia Day, and since this is the last Thursday we can spend together in person for a whole year, we spent today at Panera eating, talking, and blogging!

Lindsay: Initially we planned to start this whole blog today! Like the first Thursday before Tricia leaves, but we both got WAY too excited and had to start earlier.  I mean we HAD to.

Tricia:  As fun as it has been to write to each other while living in the same city, I’m really excited about this new phase of Letters Between Friends.  I am always desperate for attention, and I am super excited about knowing that every two weeks, Lindsay HAS to write to me.  It’s a guaranteed way to avoid at least a little bit of loneliness.

Lindsay: And I can’t wait for her to go!  Now Lindsay….that’s a little rude. But we all know I live vicariously through Tricia and I need some adventure even if it’s vicarious.  I’m also super thrilled to see God do crazy things in the lives of people I love, so you know I’m sad but happy to see you go.

Tricia:  I wish I could shrink you and put you in my suitcase!  I’m glad you’re going to keep me accountable, because now I’ll think, “Is my life exciting enough for Lindsay?  No??  I better go jump off a cliff (into water).”  Just kidding, I’ll never do that, that sounds terrifying.

Lindsay: Funny you’re not the first person to say that!  AND if there is a cliff {with water underneath} I’m jumping and taking you with me.

As you can all see we are ready for new adventures in both Peoria and Athens. One of the best parts of our friendship is how we can go our own ways for a while, keep each other encouraged, and then come back together no matter what’s happened.  (Lindsay: And I get to visit you someplace CRAZY!  Tricia:  You’d better.)

So here’s to the next phase of LBF (that means Letters Between Friends).  May you all enjoy our victories and sadnesses, our new crushes and annoying people, our adventures and our couches.  Because honestly we are not even doing this for you… We just hope you are entertained.  (Lindsay: we mean that in the nicest way possible. Tricia: Yea. Tricia: THAT WAS YOU LINDSAY STOP SPEAKING FOR ME….but yeah.)

Happy Thursday!


Tricia & Lindsay


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