Sunday Summary #14: What’s on the Internet


1|  Alexander Hamilton was the nation’s first blogger, reconfirms my kinship with his oversharing inability to shut up.

2|  Alyssa Auriemma dissects Oprah’s comments and weight and does a great job dissecting the difference between weight concerns and health concerns.


1|  Saoirse teaching Stephen how to speak with an Irish accent is great, but the last minute or so when she reveals the pronunciation of crazy Irish names is THE BEST.

2|  WOW this cover of “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakens is stunning!  Halfway through I got chills, and they did not stop until it was over.  MUSIC, it’s so good.

3|  I found my favorite YouTube channel!  Sho Ko is all about two adorable cats, and I lost (gained?) precious hours of my life watching their cute little furry beings run around and beg for petting.  Also check out How Attached are Cats to their Owners?

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