Workout Week #10

THIS WEEK’S GOAL:  20 minutes at least 5 times this week.

WorkoutWeek 2.7.16


Workout Notes

Isn’t it around now that I ought to have developed a habit!?  I worked really hard for eight weeks and now…it’s all falling apart.  I guess it’s not surprising, since I am in the middle of a lot of mental and emotional stress.  One Greek proverb is: A healthy mind in a healthy body, and I will add the opposite:  An unhealthy mind seeks an unhealthy body.

How are there some people who feel stressed and then WANT to work out?

Hm, okay.  I still have four more weeks of language classes, so my stress level is unlikely to decrease before then.  I’m going to have to think creatively…alright!  This week I’m going to focus on walking 10,000+ steps!  That seems more likely than actually working out, although of course I will count that if I do.

Food Notes

I did better with food this week than last, but it’s still not great.  I’m not regularly keeping track of calories, but I tried to buy healthier foods to snack on.  So that’s…good!

And anyway, I wanted to go easier on myself with food.  I NEVER want to lose my love of eating, I just want to eat smart and in proportion to how much I’m exercising.  Which, granted, is not much.  BUT STILL.  Food is delicious, and I refuse to punish myself for enjoying it.

But…I’ll try to do better counting calories next week.  It really does help me avoid mindlessly snacking.

NEXT WEEK’S GOAL:  Walk 10,000+ steps (or workout 20 minutes) at least 5 times.

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