Sunday Summary #17: What’s On the Internet


1|  Relevant posted a cool article about how we don’t have to be desperate for God…and I really liked it.  I hadn’t thought of things in this way before, but I’ll try to from now on.

I know what people mean when they say they’re “desperate for God,” but I don’t think we have to feel that way. “Desperate” describes how someone feels when they’re not sure they’re going to ever get something. People in the desert are desperate for water. People who are lonely are desperate for relationship.

Being desperate for God is what someone feels who doesn’t really know what God has done. They don’t really know who God is for them. They don’t get that they are no longer living in a visitational culture. They are a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

2|  There are few things I love more than men getting fed up with rape culture and calling other men to a high standard, so naturally I adore Micah J. Murray for taking a stand against sexual assault.

3|  GASP.  The universe keeps delivering things I didn’t know I wanted!  Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a book (out in just two months!) about his musical, aptly named: Hamilton the Revolution.  #hamiltome


1|  This week I discovered YouTubers PsychoSoprano (Colleen Ballinger) and JoshuaDTV (Joshua Evans).  They are funny apart, but they are SO CUTE together.  They dated for six years and they made the CUTEST video of their wedding last summer.  I cried during their vows, and I have only been aware of their existence for a couple days.


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