Lord of the Rings Tag

When I saw that If We Shadows Have Offended posted this tag, I gasped out loud and immediately knew I had to do it here, since Lord of the Rings always reduces me to becoming a slavering fanatic.  Let’s go!

1. When did you first discover The Lord Of The Rings?

This is a little embarrassing for my nerd persona, but I read them in, like, 6th grade and only liked them.  I didn’t read them very thoroughly either, because I thought Aragorn wound up with Eowyn and was SUPER confused when Movie Aragorn started getting romantic with Movie Arwen (in my defense, Book Arwen barely exists).

I first EMOTIONALLY discovered The Lord of the Rings when my brother invited 7th grade me and one of my guy friends to see it with all of Roy’s high school friends.  Roy was trying to set us up, but little did he know I would leave the theater in love–with a story, not a boy.


2. Have you read the books?

UM, yes.  OBVIOUSLY YES.  Despite my rocky start with the books, after seeing the first movie (four times in theater) I re-read the series.  Now that I had landscapes to picture, the story captivated me.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read the series now…maybe six?  Seven?  I don’t think I’ve hit ten.

3. Did you read the books or watch the movies first?

I’ve already covered this.  Do your research.

4. Have you read the Hobbit?

What does it say about me that I am offended by this question?  OF COURSE I’ve read The Hobbit.  It is the simplest, easiest, most delightful of the Middle-earth stories (that abruptly rips your heart out when three of the best dwarfs die in battle).  What kind of quiz is this?

5. Who is your favorite character?

I would say “impossible!” except that I really love Frodo and identify with him Very Strongly.  I feel very uncool for choosing the main character, but!  He’s the little guy!  With tiny dreams of adventure, who is thrust into something much bigger and scarier than he anticipates…but he does it!  He makes the hard choices and he sacrifices and he endures, and in the end he fails.  AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT.  And then he returns home, damaged and unable to move on, and he has to watch his friends get married and start jobs, and eventually he can’t take it so he packs up and moves to Valinor HOLY COW I HAD NOT YET MADE THAT OBVIOUS CONNECTION.  Anyway, Frodo is my bae.

6. Do you know any Elvish or Dwarvish?

Mae govannen.  That’s all.  😦

7. Which is your favorite book or film?

Return of the King for both.  I always love the endings of series the most.  There’s so much drama – Aragorn leaving for battle, willing to die not for glory, but to be a distraction.  Eowyn tearing off her helmet, killing the un-killable (by a man) Witch King.  Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom.  Oh, the tears.

8. How do you feel about the movie’s adaptation of the books?


9. What race would you be?

My brother and I have discussed this at length.  I cannot be a race -I am a person in a race:  I am Bilbo Post-Hobbit.  I’m a hobbit (who loves beauty and peace and quiet) who craves the occasional adventure, who loves the wide world and who secretly wishes to be an elf.

10. How did The Lord of The Rings affect your life?

Hahahaha.  How has it NOT?

I un-ironically believe that I would not be who I am without Lord of the Rings.  I discovered Middle-earth when I was 12; my worldview was being formed, and the stories of hobbits and elves and men and dwarves permanently shaped how I see the world and interact with it.  I learned that the world is beautiful and dangerous.  I learned that the smallest people can accomplish the greatest goals.  I learned that there is incredible value in friendship and sacrifice.  I learned that evil must be fought, even when you know that it will pop up later in another form.  I learned to view my own life as a story, and that with each step I take out of my door, I can look forward to losing my feet and joyfully anticipating where I’m swept off to.


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