Lord of the Rings Tag

When I saw that If We Shadows Have Offended posted this tag, I gasped out loud and immediately knew I had to do it here, since Lord of the Rings always reduces me to becoming a slavering fanatic.  Let’s go!

1. When did you first discover The Lord Of The Rings?

This is a little embarrassing for my nerd persona, but I read them in, like, 6th grade and only liked them.  I didn’t read them very thoroughly either, because I thought Aragorn wound up with Eowyn and was SUPER confused when Movie Aragorn started getting romantic with Movie Arwen (in my defense, Book Arwen barely exists).

I first EMOTIONALLY discovered The Lord of the Rings when my brother invited 7th grade me and one of my guy friends to see it with all of Roy’s high school friends.  Roy was trying to set us up, but little did he know I would leave the theater in love–with a story, not a boy.

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