Workout Week n/a

Astute readers of this blog will have noticed that last week, I did not write a Workout Week post.  Those astute readers will also quickly notice that this is also not a Workout Week post.

Here’s the deal:  The last time I worked out in the morning I threw up, so I don’t work out before leaving for class in the morning.  But I don’t get back from my class until 7:00, and after four hours of homework, it’s 11:00 and I don’t want to exercise.

Plus:  I hurt my left foot a couple weeks ago.  Not like, in any big deal way, but it hurts right in the middle any time I put pressure on it.  I think my new shoes, and then my new shoes falling apart at the heel, messed things up for me.  I’m now wearing TOMs all the time and wrapping my foot with athlete’s tape (thanks WebMD and YouTube!), and it feels a lot better.

For a week, I was not working out, AND I was feeling guilty for not working out.  The guilt made me want to eat more and be lazier, which is obviously not great.  So for my mental AND physical health, I’m taking a break from intentionally working out until my class is over.

That’s one more week!  So in two weeks, expect another Workout Week post!


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