Workout Week #12

Workout Notes

A couple weeks ago, I pressed pause on my workout goals because I had two weeks of friends visiting and vacations.  There wasn’t much time to work out, and I didn’t want to keep myself from eating delicious meals and snacks with them!  But now they’re gone, life has returned to normal, and I am slowly edging back into a routine.

This week started out strong, and I was actually looking forward to focusing on my health again.  This is in large part because when Jenna visited, one of the first things she said was, “You’ve lost weight!”  It was really encouraging to know that other people were noticing results, and I was eager to keep after that (especially since I’m sure I put on a couple pounds from all the food I ate with my visitors).

But on Monday, my foot was hurting again…I assume this is because I’m jumping around barefoot on linoleum.  I am supposed to go shoe shopping with a friend tomorrow, so hopefully this will no longer be a problem.  But it definitely took away some of my drive, as is obvious by how I stopped doing anything after Wednesday!

Food Notes

Much like working out, I’m slowly getting back in the habit of keeping track of what I’m eating.  Friday was my birthday, so I indulged quite a bit.  But even then, the mentality of healthiness is setting back in.  Normally I would eat something sweet for breakfast, and then get something sweet mid-afternoon, and then definitely eat something sweet at my birthday celebration.  This time, I just ate good healthy food all day and indulged in the birthday sweet (chocolate mousse – yum!) at night.

This is exactly the kind of balance I want to strike!  While my secondary goal is weight loss, my primary goal is to eat smarter and healthier.  I want to enjoy food, which means not eating snacks mindlessly.  I also want to eat real food (aka not packaged food) which, fantastically, is much easier in Greece.

Anyway, this week was not super exciting on the health front, but I’m slowly shifting my brain back to exercise and healthy eating!

Workout 20 minutes at least 4 times this week.


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