Sunday Summary #21: What’s on the Internet


1|  Reading Between the Texts are conversations between Katie and her friends as they try to decipher texts with guys…and the results are shockingly accurate and painfully hilarious.  (p.s. it’s a series!)

K: Why don’t you just keep his number so that you can choose not to respond when you see that the text is from him?
B: Impossible. If I have his number in my phone, I WILL do something terrible. Like, for instance, text him at 2 a.m. to ask him if he thinks I’m pretty.
K: … Maybe it’s just better if you don’t have a phone. Maybe we could get you a carrier pigeon.
B: I feel like I’d probably just end up training it to go coo outside his window when I’m drunk.


1|  Emma Watson beat-boxes while Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyles about gender quality.  What a gift from God.

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