Funny Moments with Greek Friends

*discussing And Then There Were None, BBC’s newish mini-series*

Anthi:  Maybe you could stay after our meeting and we will watch that show.
Me:  Yeah!  It’s three episodes right?  Are they each one hour?
Anthi:  I think so.
Me:  Okay, so we could totally just watch them all, right?
Anthi:  *laughs loudly*  Oh Tricia, you are so funny!
Me:  …  

Dina:  What are you doing this weekend?
Me:  I’m going to Corinth for that conference.
Dina:  Good for you!  I’m so happy for you!
Me:  I’m happy for me too.  And it’s for young evangelicals, so hopefully I’ll meet some…
Dina:  *looks at me slowly over her shoulder*
Me:  …friends?
Dina:  Oh, Tricia.  I will pray.  I will tell Argyris to pray.
Dina:  I hope you marry a Greek man.
Me:  I know.

Lydia:  The best way to learn Greek is to use it a lot.
Me:  Προσπαθὠ.  (I try.)
Lydia:  The other best way to learn Greek is to marry a Greek man.
Me:  …Προσπαθὠ.

Natasha:  *speaks Greek*
Dina:  *speaks Greek*
Everyone:  *laughs*
Me:  *laughs*
Natasha:  Tricia!  Did you understand?
Me:  Oh…no.  I just…it seemed like it was probably funny.

Olga:  I’m glad we spent the afternoon working together.
Me:  Yeah!  It’s nice when you can get to a point with people where you don’t have to say anything.
Olga:  Yes!  The silence is not awkward.
Me:  Yeah.
Olga:  ….
Me:  ….
Olga:  So, uh, what are you doing next?

Olympia:  What did you buy?
Me:  A swimsuit for this weekend.
Olympia:  What does it look like?
Me:  Well, it’s a black one-piece.
Olympia:  What?  Why?  For modesty?
Me:  …No, I just.  I don’t like my stomach.
Olympia:  Hmm.  In Greece, we always wear bikinis.
Me:  What, like everyone?
Olympia:  Yes.  Right now I am covered up.  But on the beach, everyone shows everything.  It is not a big deal.
Me:  Huh.  So you’re saying I’m going to look ridiculous in a one-piece?
Olympia:  Yes.
Me:  And I should buy a bikini!?
Olympia:  You don’t have to!  But that’s what everyone else will be wearing.
Me:  Huh.
Olympia:  Oh, but don’t wear shorts above the knee.  Non-Christians do, but it’s scandalous.
Me:  HUH.



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