Workout Week #13

Workout 20 minutes at least 4 times this week.


Workout Note

I did it!  Mostly because I now have real workout shoes (aka sneakers aka an item I haven’t bought in at least five years)!  And because I found Ashley Horner’s Full-Body Circuit Workout on Pinterest.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, the thing most likely to kill my workout drive is BOREDOM so finding new combinations of exercises is key to keeping me interested.  I’ve been combining one day (around 10 minutes) with a 10-minute cardio workout on my Sworkit app, and by the end I am SWEATING.  More than other weeks, so I think this is a good combination.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.54.07 PM

I made sure to get my four workouts in early this week because I spent the weekend at a conference…and unexpectedly walked over 10,000 steps both Friday and Saturday!

Food Notes

That conference I mentioned?  Had € 18 buffets for every meal, free with our room, and I was NOT ABOUT TO WASTE THAT OPPORTUNITY.  What I mean is, I ate a lot.  But before that, I was really good all week about keeping track of calories…and therefore eating a meal of one apple + two pieces of chocolate cake.  I blame PMS and also this article about how it doesn’t really matter what you eat so long as you restrict calories.  I don’t super believe that, but for one glorious night I went along with the idea.

Tomorrow it’s back to healthier habits.


Workout 20 minutes at least 5 times this week.

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