Sunday Summary #23: What’s on the Internet


1|  Blasphemy can be a good thing!  The former Archbishop of Canterbury says so, and I like his style.

2|  Yikes!  I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews of Batman vs. Superman, but this one is the most scathingly intelligent.

BVS is an unerring pastiche of who we are at this moment in time: scared, angry, violent, disjointed, poisoned by hiraeth (Batman keeps a Joker-defiled batsuit in a Plexiglas display case like a mad hobbyist), driven by emotion rather than logic, by ideologies rather than reason. It’s polarized, xenophobic, hyper-sexualized, hyper-desensitized, and, in the final analysis, more than a little psychotic.


1|  Two bros test girl products, and watching them try to figure out how tampons work is SUPER ADORABLE.  Boys take notes.

2|  Because I spent one hour of my life watching Seth Meyers perform in person, I am inappropriately proud of the fact that he’s now a father!

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