Enough Thinking – It’s Time to Move Forward!

I’ve been talking with my supervisor at GEM about staying in Greece longer.  It looks like there are two options: returning for a second year-long internship or committing to a two- or three-year stay.  Right now I’m pushing for the year-long internship for two reasons:

  1. I don’t feel strongly about my life location in 2018.
  2. Committing to a two- or -three year stay would mean returning to the States for several months, and I don’t want to do that after just being in Greece for a year.  If I decide to stay in 2018, I think spending a good chunk of time in the States will feel better after being here for two years.

She and I are both talking to people higher up to make sure returning for a second internship will work.

Whichever way I return, this begins the exciting, horrible, awkward process of fundraising!  I don’t have an exact budget yet.  I had to raise $27,000 for this year, and that budget turned out to be a little more than necessary.  I’ve been saving that money and will put it into my account for next year.  That also means I won’t need to raise as much money for a monthly budget, BUT next year’s jobs will include one or two trips to the States and Canada to do fundraising for HD.  So a lower monthly budget but higher random expenditures.   I’m assuming all of this will wash out to about $27,000 again, but I will keep you updated as I get more details.

Many of you donated to me last year, and I am so grateful!  Many of you did not, but you supported me in other ways.  Some of you reading this have never met me in person, so…hi!  I’m thrilled that you’re reading this.

…I got distracted.  The point is, as I pray and plan for all the logistics of staying in Greece for another year (or two), I ask that YOU pray about donating so that I can continue to work here.  You can give a one-time donation or, since this is so early in the game, you could commit to giving $30 per month starting NOW, and while you probably won’t feel the $1 less per day, it will go a LONG way toward helping me reach my goal.

If you’re already feeling like, “Yeah, I totally want to give money!” then WOW.  Thank you!  You can donate online here:  www.gemadventure.com/donate.

But I assume most of you are like me, and you need a little time to think about things.  That’s 100% understandable.  Do your thinking!

(Oh, and even though I’ll be staying in Greece in 2017, I’m still coming home to the United States for a month over Christmas.  I don’t know everywhere I will go – definitely Peoria, maybe Dallas, maybe somewhere else- BUT I’ll be Stateside for a while.)

Last year I found that although fundraising feels super weird (Give me money!), it was also an incredible opportunity to rely on God and on my friends.  I’m looking forward to the emotional highs and lows as I begin this process again!


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