A Week in France #48: DEBRIEF IN LILLE

I put this off, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do “A Week in” review if I spent it in a country other than Greece.  But last week I spent five days in Lille, France for a debriefing time with my sending organization, and I think it’s significant enough to talk about publicly.

It immediately reminded me of one of the things traveling does for me, an anxious person:  throw me into a worst-case scenario and then help me realize that there are solutions even for the things I fear most.  So on Monday, I flew into Paris.  The airport shut down for 20 minutes because of an unattended bag, and instead of making me feel nervous, it made me more confident in an airport’s dedication to keeping people safe.  But that’s not the worst-case scenario.   Continue reading

Enough Thinking – It’s Time to Move Forward!

I’ve been talking with my supervisor at GEM about staying in Greece longer.  It looks like there are two options: returning for a second year-long internship or committing to a two- or three-year stay.  Right now I’m pushing for the year-long internship for two reasons:

  1. I don’t feel strongly about my life location in 2018.
  2. Committing to a two- or -three year stay would mean returning to the States for several months, and I don’t want to do that after just being in Greece for a year.  If I decide to stay in 2018, I think spending a good chunk of time in the States will feel better after being here for two years.

She and I are both talking to people higher up to make sure returning for a second internship will work.

Whichever way I return, this begins the exciting, horrible, awkward process of fundraising!   Continue reading