Sunday Summary #28: What’s on the Internet

1|  90% of the Black Panther cast will be African or African-American!  I’m loving blockbusters’ commitment to increasing diversity (or at least, Star Wars and Marvel).  More stories from more voices!

2|  Speaking of!  This awesome guy interviewed three women in his life to talk about the increased female representation in the Star Wars world!

3|  I’M FURIOUS.  If ONLY Tom Hiddleston were my boyfriend.

If Tom Hiddleston were your boyfriend, your life would be full of moments where you’d just be standing in your yoga pants with your hair sticking up, waiting for the kettle to boil, when suddenly he’d pop up next to you and exclaim, “Dance break!” and you’d find yourself jitterbugging or tangoing or doing some other dance that you didn’t actually know you knew how to do, while the kettle whistled. This would also come to be your second favorite way of resolving a fight.

4|  Do you, like me, long for someone to put together a list of beautiful soundtrack songs from movies, TV shows, and video games?  You’re in luck (and so am I)!  With songs from Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy 7, and Star Wars, I knew the less-known recommendations would be right up my alley.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary #28: What’s on the Internet

  1. Marissa May 22, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    1) I can’t tell you how happy I am about this! a film (presumably) set in Africa and featuring African characters should have a mostly African and African-American cast.
    2) My sister and I grew up as Star Wars fans, and it was so frustrating not to have two female characters for us to “be” when we were playing. After the prequels came out it was nice to see some lady Jedi, but they weren’t really main characters. I really identified with Padme, though, and she’s still probably the Star War’s character most “like me.” Rey is a wonderful character, and I’m so happy to see more women in Star Wars who are nuanced, strong, interesting characters. I also love Ahsoka from The Clone Wars.
    3) I’m torn between laughing and wishing I were dating Tom Hiddleston.
    4) I have Spotify playlists of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings music. Love listening to those.

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    • Tricia May 22, 2016 / 11:18 pm

      I love your responses! Especially #1 – it seems so obvious, and yet a predominantly black cast in Hollywood is revolutionary!

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