This week has been so great!  Mostly because I have new roommates, and I loooove them.  Luciana and her husband Giorgos moved into my second bedroom on Tuesday, and it has been so much fun.  Let’s relive each moment, shall we?


Our mutual friend Janet also came over on Tuesday to help them move in.  We quickly got distracted by ordering tons of Chinese food and then playing Black Stories late into the night.  Luciana had a bad day on Wednesday, and she requested that we all drink cider together that night.  Giorgos was late coming home, so Luciana and I compared our Enneagram types (4 and 8 – the most passionate pairing that is most likely to end up in physical violence!).  On Thursday we all stayed up talking, and Giorgos said, “I want to play a computer game and empty my head,” and I said, “YES PLEASE.”  So they introduced me to Deus Ex, and we all sat on the couch making moral decisions. (Me: What happens if you kill that person?  Luciana:  We’re not killing people!  Giorgos:  Okay, honey, I’ll stun him.)

On Friday, I went to bed early with cramps, thinking I wanted to be alone.  Luciana came home and offered to make me tea, so we sat in bed together and talked about our days.  When Giorgos came home, he plopped down on the floor and we all talked for a long time.  They put together a bedframe from pallets they found on the street and lured me out of my bedroom to see it.  Once out, I suggested we watch Battlestar Galactica and Giorgos suggested we order late night food.  My early night turned into a 1:00 am bedtime, and it was GREAT.  This morning, we all woke up around noon and ate “breakfast” together.  Then we cleaned up around the house, went shopping in IKEA together, and then separated for the night.

How many times can I say that I love living with them?  They love Hans Harrison, which is essential, and they’re both so laid back and friendly.  I’ve always wanted to live with a bunch of people, singles and marrieds together, and this has only confirmed that with the right combination of people, it’s totally great.  It’s not weird living with a guy (Giorgos: You don’t mind that I burp?  Me:  I have a brother.  You don’t mind that I’m talking about cramps?  Giorgos:  I have sisters.), and I’ve already lived with Luciana for a few days at a time earlier this year.  Ahhh, it’s so much fun!  Unfortunately they are moving out next week (they finally found an apartment!) but fortunately, their new place is only a 15 minute walk from my home!


A team from Orangewood came to HD this week, and they were SO GREAT.  Vicki and Dawn came every day to teach our participants how to sew quilts and paint intricate designs.  I was supposed to use this week to catch up on office work, but I was having too much fun upstairs with everyone.  The women LOVED them, and it was especially great to see our newest participant (who is still adjusting to the change) find new hobbies and new friends.  She also started using her English more than I’ve ever heard her, which was so great to hear!

On Thursday and Friday, a girl my age named Jessica also came.  We had super encouraging conversations about life and ministry and living in foreign countries.  I think we will probably become friends, and maybe I will be able to convince her to move to Greece for a little while.

Friday was our graduation ceremony, and it as KILLER in such a good way.  These times are always so encouraging, because it highlights the women’s progress in a really obvious way – one woman finally able to express her emotions and cry in front of an audience, another woman overwhelmed by support and love.  There were gifts given, hugs exchanged, and a lot of food eaten.  These are always the best days to be at HD!

This was such a great week!


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