Self-Care During This Political Chaos

I almost always feel alone in my beliefs.  I’m too conservative for my liberal friends and too liberal for my conservative friends, but for one reason or another, I typically have more conservative friends than liberal ones.  A lot of the time, this doesn’t cause conflict, because although our politics differ, many of our goals and values are the same.  But the inauguration of the United States’s newest president is not ‘a lot of the time.’  So it is unfortunate that I currently find myself surrounded by conservative friends when all I want is to complain and cry and grieve that a racist, sexist, lying narcissist has been elected into my country’s highest office.  What’s a girl to do to take care of herself?

  • Snuggle with my cat; many faceplants into soft furry sides have occurred these past three days.
  • Watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, and remember that with intelligence, passion, and ingenuity, all sorts of horrible things can be endured.
  • Drink a class of wine, eat a piece of chocolate, and remember that good things exist.
  • Walk outside in the crisp air while listening to podcasts about God, feminism and/or Harry Potter.
  • Scroll through endless photos of women’s marches around the world and get excited about the fact that many a young girls’ career in politics is beginning today.
  • Talk to my female roommate and female friends about theology, about philosophy, and about psychology.
  • Write a message of gratitude to my brother, to my male friends, and to male celebrities who show support for women by joining in marches that do not benefit their exact experiences.
  • Get involved, by writing postcards to my senators so that my voice will be heard.  Too long I’ve tried to avoid being involved in politics, and look what happened.  Everyone needs to speak up, during elections and in between.  That means you too, dear readers, even if you are going to write in the exact opposite of my requests.

I’ve been sad the last couple days, but also inspired.  I feel alone, but in truth, millions of women all around the world marched to make their voices, and the voices of those who could not publicly join them, heard.  I stand with many brave, smart, sassy, angry, passionate, happy women who are going to change history.  This is going to be great.  Let’s not give up or shut up – we are blessed to live in a country that allows us freedom of speech, so for the first time in my life, I’m going to take advantage of that.  Tammy and Richard, I am so excited to write to you!


3 thoughts on “Self-Care During This Political Chaos

    • Tricia January 23, 2017 / 10:24 pm

      Thank goodness for the internet!


  1. Tommy Meisel January 23, 2017 / 11:09 pm

    Tricia, I understand your feelings here. I think I can feel some of what you are feeling. Having said that, given the choice that was presented to us this past election, I held my nose and voted for Trump. Neither candidate was inspiring. In the end, I felt that Trump would be more conservative and would benefit our economy more. Obama’s regulatory rampage has destroyed industries and increased economic costs such that the economy took 8 years to recover “somewhat” after the 2008 debacle. This caused a lot of pain to the average American family. His foreign policy was pretty much a disaster for the US. Clinton campaigned on continuing the Obama policies, which I rejected. Trump’s morals certainly left a lot to be desired, but then again, Clinton has made a fortune with a phony charity and put our national security at grave risk because she didn’t follow simple rules. She has years of scandals behind her, which the press sort of forgot to mention. So: I had a choice between a bad liberal and a bad conservative, and chose the latter. Now we will just wait and see. A warm cat belly certainly sounds good to me! Some prayer would be good too.


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