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What I Read | OCTOBER 2017

Jane, Unlimited by Jane Cashore Yikes, this book!  About 1/3 of the way through, it ended, at which point I realized I was reading a Choose Your Own Adventure type book that laid out multiple directions for the story to take.  At first, it was super interesting, since her decisions to go in different directions… Continue reading What I Read | OCTOBER 2017

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A Political Fanfiction

by Elizabeth and Tricia Justin and Angela, the ultimate buddy cop duo, team up to defeat international spy Vlad Poutine. Starring  Justin Trudeau as Justin Angela Merkel as Angela Joe Biden as Joe Barack Obama as Barry The Hemsworth brothers as Chris and Liam and Trumbledorf as himself Justin and Angela stumbled down the boulevard. … Continue reading A Political Fanfiction

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Self-Care During This Political Chaos

I almost always feel alone in my beliefs.  I'm too conservative for my liberal friends and too liberal for my conservative friends, but for one reason or another, I typically have more conservative friends than liberal ones.  A lot of the time, this doesn't cause conflict, because although our politics differ, many of our goals… Continue reading Self-Care During This Political Chaos

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Sunday Summary #44

1|  Beren and Luthien are my #relationshipgoals, so I am THRILLED that their story is getting lifted from The Silmarillion to have a book of their own. 2|  If you don't know who I'm talking about, check out this wonderfully titled post about J.R.R. Tolkien's radical female character, "Luthien: Tolkien's Badass Elf Princess." 3|  Donald… Continue reading Sunday Summary #44

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Sunday Summary #43

1| Last Night's Debate, or the Mansplaining Olympics  An excellent and hilarious summary of the first presidential debate. TRUMP: Also in addition to your sinister Machiavellian control of everything on earth, you are not good at leadership. I believe these things simultaneously and see no contradiction in them. CLINTON: Wasn’t I supposed to be talking?… Continue reading Sunday Summary #43

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I will not apologize for the fact that my conversations with Elizabeth frequently revolve around Tom Hiddleston and other men blessed by God's artistic prowess, but you know.  Sometimes we talk about slightly more important things, like politics, abortion, and social change!  Tricia:  THIS is our next Obama/Biden bromance!? Elizabeth:  NO. No, because you're going… Continue reading Let’s Talk About…PRO-LIFE: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

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Sunday Summary #36: What’s on the Internet

The Stephen Colbert Edition, apparently The only way I can stand to keep up with American politics (and I am SO thankful that I'm not living in the US right now and having to hear all this nonsense on a daily basis) is through late night talk shows hosts.  So imagine my UTTER DELIGHT when… Continue reading Sunday Summary #36: What’s on the Internet