Retirement is Not in My Future

It’s always reassuring when I discover one more way my brother and I are similar.  At my graduation lunch with my nannying family and my real family, Roy answered questions about his career.

“I work for an architect who came out of retirement to do a few jobs for fun.  It’s been pretty great,” he said.  “I discovered I have the work ethic of a post-retirement architect.”

“What do you mean by that?” my boss asked.

“I like to come in late, leave early if necessary.  I work on projects that interest me, and I love being able to take off time for vacations and traveling.”

“That sounds nice,” my boss said ruefully.

It does sound nice!  It sounds a little too perfect, but that’s because there are two unsaid aspects to this work philosophy.  First, it means Roy will never be wealthy.  Second, it means Roy will never be able to retire.  Continue reading