Hope in Lord of the Rings

When I was in seventh grade, my older brother invited me to see The Fellowship of the Ring on opening night with a group of his friends.  They invited one other younger sibling in an attempt to set us up.  I did fall in love that night, but not with the other seventh grader.  My heart was 100% stolen by the beauty and power of The Lord of the RingsContinue reading

Hope in a Hurting World

I am in my last semester of seminary, and I purposefully left my eschatology theology class until the end.  That’s fitting, right, since eschatology is the study of the end times?  My motivation, however, was more than a desire to make a (not so) clever joke.  As I prepare to go to Greece and work with women who have been trafficked, I knew I need a solid grasp on what my faith says about ultimate redemption and restoration.  My favorite professor at Union University said of Revelation, “The only message you must take away from Revelation is:  God wins.”  Anticipating this semester, I knew I needed a refresher on the hope that is found in eschatology.  Continue reading