How to Celebrate the 4th of July in Greece

Normally, I’m not a very patriotic person.  But there’s nothing like living in a country that is not your own to make you appreciate the culture you grew up in.  A couple weeks ago I was INTENSELY homesick, so I decided to celebrate all of my American-ness on the 4th.  Today I’m not feeling quite so homesick, but I figured I would regret letting the opportunity pass, so here we go!

The Outfit  

Jeans, of course.  Red tank top.  My Illinois necklace.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) I don’t own any obnoxious USA gear.


The Soundtrack

Hamilton, obviously.  Do you even know me?

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I Went to a Greek Women’s Conference about Joy

Two of my co-workers are on a committee that creates a yearly inter-denominational conference for Greek Christian women.  When they invited me to join them by saying, “It’s at a resort by the beach, and the cost of €100 includes two nights in a 4-star hotel plus six buffet gourmet meals,” it was very easy to say yes.


Dina drove me to Euboea, a massive island near Athens, and we got to the resort hours before the 200+ women who were attending the three-day conference.  Due to poor planning on the part of the resort, about half of us had to spend the first night at a nearby sister-hotel.  Dina dropped me off there while she worked, and I had virtually AN ENTIRE HOTEL to myself for five hours.  It was AMAZING.

Later that first night, the buses full of women arrived.   Continue reading