How to Celebrate the 4th of July in Greece

Normally, I’m not a very patriotic person.  But there’s nothing like living in a country that is not your own to make you appreciate the culture you grew up in.  A couple weeks ago I was INTENSELY homesick, so I decided to celebrate all of my American-ness on the 4th.  Today I’m not feeling quite so homesick, but I figured I would regret letting the opportunity pass, so here we go!

The Outfit  

Jeans, of course.  Red tank top.  My Illinois necklace.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) I don’t own any obnoxious USA gear.


The Soundtrack

Hamilton, obviously.  Do you even know me?

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An Orthodox Easter in Athens

Καλὀ Πἀσχα!
Happy Easter!

Having grown up in rural Illinois where individualism is king and Easter mostly meant chocolate bunnies, I was thrilled to participate in ο Επιτἀφιος (Good Friday) and η Ανἀσταση (Resurrection) Orthodox services while living in Greece.  Although I was an outsider, it was a very cool experience to participate in the traditions that Greek Christians have observed for thousands of years.  Before I get into the details of how I celebrated Good Friday and the Resurrection, a brief overview of the Orthodox Easter, because it is so much more than these two services.   Continue reading