BEFORE Captain America: Civil War

My priorities are 100% out of order.  For the last four months, one of my primary worries has been:  WHO WILL WATCH CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR WITH ME???  I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I meet a potential friend, I steer the conversation toward superheroes.  And every time, the answer is, “Marvel?  I think I’ve heard of…Iron Man?  But no, I don’t watch them.”

As May drew ever nearer, I resigned myself to watching the newest Marvel movie alone.  This is especially sad because Captain America: Winter Soldier is my FAVORITE Marvel movie so far.  I’m so excited for its sequel!  And okay, so my priorities aren’t SO weird.  Finding someone who could share in my excitement felt like finding a real friend.  For four months, I didn’t have someone with whom I could share this nerdiest side of myself.

Until Luciana!  My part-time coworker at HD loves video games, indie music, and superhero movies.  I AM THRILLED, and we are going to see CA: CW tonight!  In honor of the truly momentous occasion, I’m going to share my review of CA: WS, which is, if I say so myself, a masterpiece of fandom.


Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-PosterI have a new obsession, and it is Captain America: Winter Soldier.  This is surprising, because his first movie is my least favorite in the Marvel universe, and he was by far the least interesting Avenger in The Avengers.  I went to see his newest movie out of brand loyalty, but I went to see it a second time because I fell in love.  This film covers all of my interests, creating a perfect storm of a story that draws me back again and again (and again?).

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