Skip to the Empowering Part

I borrowed an epiphany from my brother when I was visiting him for Thanksgiving.  Roy and Idil were giving me a tour of their house when I noticed Half the Sky on one of their bookshelves (I tend to focus on people’s books during house tours).

“I tried to read that, but it was too depressing,” I said.

“Huh,” Idil mused.  “I thought it was supposed to be really empowering.”

“Oh.  I didn’t get very far.  I just really hate reading over and over again about all the ways women are abused throughout the world.  But…maybe I’ll just skip to the empowering parts.”

Roy laughed.  “That’s an interesting idea,” he said.  “Why should we force ourselves to re-experience something we know is bad?  We have the right to give ourselves a break and just get to the good news.”

Yes,” I said fiercely, absolutely confident in my two-seconds-old opinion.  “That is 100% correct.”  Continue reading