How to Party Like an Introvert

  1. Invite two of your closest friends over.  A week in advance, obviously.
  2. The day of, text everyone to make sure they are coming.
  3. Feel both happy and disappointed when they say yes.
  4. Greet them at the door with awkward small talk.
  5. Watch that indie movie on Netflix.
  6. Talk about how the movie reminded you of the inevitability of death and how earlier that week you thought your mole was cancerous until it turned out to be a bit of chocolate.
  7. Start obnoxiously yawning around 9:45.
  8. Say, “Well, I’ve got an early day tomorrow, so…” at 10:00.
  9. Respond “So?” when someone points out that tomorrow is Saturday.
  10. Wave from the doorway as they leave.
  11. Sprint to your room to change into comfy pajamas.
  12. Make hot chocolate and pop a bowl of popcorn.
  13. Turn on the side lamps in your room and turn off the overhead light.
  14. Pat the bed until your cat curls up beside you.
  15. Get out that 500-page book you were dying to read the whole time your friends were over.
  16. Sip your hot chocolate, eat your popcorn, pet your cat, and get lost in someone else’s life.


(Image from Grammarly)

Introverts Dealing with Internet Hate

I recently had a conversation with a professor about being an introvert on the Internet.  It has been my experience, observing both myself and others, that introverts can be just as silly, crazy, and excitable as extroverts.  The main difference is the comfort level that is required for this zany side to come out.  Extroverts who gain energy from being around people can get crazy fast.  Introverts, whose energy is drained by being around people, need to feel comfortable and safe before showing anyone their interior world.

The Internet changed all of this.  Suddenly introverts could share their thoughts, jokes, and silliness from the comfort of their bedroom.  They got the intimacy of conversation without the fear attached to actually being around new people.  Of course, this is largely a facade, but it is a really great one.  It’s the reason I have blogged almost every day for ten years.  Unfortunately, the Internet is not actually a safe place.  Continue reading