The Joy of Being Known

At my birthday dinner, Lindsay passed me gift bag.  I gleefully tore away the crinkly paper to pull out a red t-shirt.  I gasped.  “Gryffindor Quidditch?  Team Captain!?”  Lindsay nodded proudly.  She had just returned from a vacation in Harry Potter World.

IMG_3959“How did you know she was Gryffindor?” another of my birthday guests asked.

“I wrestled with it a lot, actually,” Lindsay explained.  “I think you’re 50% Gryffindor, 50% Ravenclaw.”

“That’s exactly how I describe myself!” I agreed.

“So I couldn’t decide which shirt to buy, but eventually my mom told me to choose whichever house you would most want to be in.  And I thought, Tricia is both smart and brave, but I think she wants to be more brave, so she would choose Gryffindor.”  Continue reading