Tricia Believes in Magic

Like every child who grew up in the 00s, I was obsessed with Harry Potter.  I read the books, watched the movies, and scoured HP websites for hints and guesses of what was to come.  Unlike every child who was obsessed with Harry Potter, my obsession never really stopped.  Just last year my brother bought me a wand for Christmas.  The kids I nanny are reading the series for the first time, and the three of us are equally delighted to discuss Hogwarts for literally hours.

1918029_526155190432_1915909_nThankfully, my best friend from college was similarly obsessed.  Stephanie and I watched A Very Potter Musical in one awestruck sitting, then proceeded to quote and sing it for the rest of our friendship.  We always talked about visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL, but we graduated, moved to different states, and grew up.

Or did we!?  No, we didn’t.  Grow up, that is.  Continue reading