Sunday Summary #40

There is only one thing worth seeing this week on the Internet, and it is Sia’s music video tribute to the 49 children (this video makes it so obvious that they were just CHILDREN, having fun and being dumb and maybe reckless, but children nonetheless) who were murdered in the Orlando club.

Maybe you’ll be able to get through this without crying, but I sure couldn’t.

Change of Heart (Sia’s Elastic Heart Parody)

I recently wrote about how much I love Sia’s dance videos, and knowing that, my roommate burst into my room shouting about how I needed to watch this parody video.  I recommend going to their website where they describe their motivation for making the parody as well as why they changed the title of the song.  It definitely sets the mood for the hysterical video you’re about to see.  And I do mean hysterical.  I was screaming and weeping with laughter.  These men commit to their roles and to the choreography in a way that astounded and impressed me.  I hope this goes viral–they deserve it.