Greek God Tag

I’ve never really grown out of my 14-year-old self’s love of personal surveys, and since this one is Greek themed and I lived in Greece, well…that’s a good enough excuse for me!

Aphrodite: what you find attractive in a person

Intelligence and humor.  Also eyebrows, ankles, and laugh lines around his eyes.

Apollo: favourite piece of music

Ooo!  I could go with “the entire Hamilton soundtrack” but that is a recent favorite that has yet to withstand the test of time.  Oh gosh, I’ve sat here scrolling through my iTunes for ten minutes now, and I cannot decide whether to go with something instrumental or emotional or artistic and whatever, I’m just going to choose “After the Storm” by Mumford and Sons because it’s beautiful.

Ares: opinion on war

Not a fan of it.  I can get into the emotional fervor of it in fantasy movies, but I dunno.  I think life is sacred and violence is easy and Ares is my least favorite Olympian.

Artemis: favourite animal and why

Cheetahs!  I loved them when I was a kid because they were pretty and fast and could be tamed enough to be in movies.  Then I grew up and found out that they have social anxiety and often need dog-companions to calm them, and my love grew even deeper.

Athena: share a piece of wisdom   Continue reading