Greek God Tag

I’ve never really grown out of my 14-year-old self’s love of personal surveys, and since this one is Greek themed and I lived in Greece, well…that’s a good enough excuse for me!

Aphrodite: what you find attractive in a person

Intelligence and humor.  Also eyebrows, ankles, and laugh lines around his eyes.

Apollo: favourite piece of music

Ooo!  I could go with “the entire Hamilton soundtrack” but that is a recent favorite that has yet to withstand the test of time.  Oh gosh, I’ve sat here scrolling through my iTunes for ten minutes now, and I cannot decide whether to go with something instrumental or emotional or artistic and whatever, I’m just going to choose “After the Storm” by Mumford and Sons because it’s beautiful.

Ares: opinion on war

Not a fan of it.  I can get into the emotional fervor of it in fantasy movies, but I dunno.  I think life is sacred and violence is easy and Ares is my least favorite Olympian.

Artemis: favourite animal and why

Cheetahs!  I loved them when I was a kid because they were pretty and fast and could be tamed enough to be in movies.  Then I grew up and found out that they have social anxiety and often need dog-companions to calm them, and my love grew even deeper.

Athena: share a piece of wisdom  

It’s easy to give advice; it’s harder to let someone make their own decisions.

Dionysus: red, white, or rosé?

Red in the winter, white in the summer.  I’m not a monster.

Demeter: favourite season and why

Spring!  No, fall!  Any time plants are doing something interesting, I’m a fan.

Eros: describe your crush

Hm.  I don’t think I’m actively crushing on anyone right now, although I’m sure I could summon up some dead ones if I wanted, but WHY WOULD I DO THAT TO MYSELF.

Hades: do you believe in life after death?

Most of the time.

Helios: opinion on tanning

I think tanned skin looks great, I think pale skin looks great, I think spending money or killing yourself to get either one is kind of silly.

Hephaestus: do you think disability can ruin a relationship?

Yes.  Anything can ruin a relationship.  Relationships are hard.  But disabilities shouldn’t be dealbreakers, unless a railroad spike gets lodged in your brain and your personality totally transforms a la Phineas Gage.

Hera: opinion on feminism

I’m a big fan.  I think people should be treated as individuals, I think equality is great, I think gender roles are toxic for both men and women, I think strength and compassion should be celebrated in people no matter what they have going on between their legs.

Hermes: last text you sent

“Cool!  I hope it’ll be online somewhere!”

Hestia: describe your ideal house

A tiny house!

Pan: opinion on gay rights

I think marriage is outside of a government’s jurisdiction, and I think the violence and hatred that still occurs against LGBTQ+ people is absolutely horrendous.

Persephone: is climate change really a thing or is everyone just overreacting?

It’s totally a thing.  Why is this still a question?

Poseidon: list three fears

  1. Being unloved
  2. Being useless
  3. Being raped

Zeus: three places you want to travel to

  1. Iceland
  2. Japan
  3. New Zealand

Art in the header designed by Hydrogene.


2 thoughts on “Greek God Tag

  1. Elizabeth Waibel (@lizwaibel) July 12, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    I’m doing the seasonal wine-drinking backwards this year. I was all about crisp white wines (Riesling!) during the winter, but now I’m on a fruity reds kick. I also endorse mimosas. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tricia July 12, 2016 / 7:05 pm

      Maybe I am a monster. Thats a convincing argument.


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