A Week in Greece #26: Sleepovers and Lazy Cats

What a week!  For a while there I had FOUR people staying in my two-bedroom house, and honestly it was so much fun.  It’s nice to have found some people that I feel comfortable enough with that I don’t mind turning my safe haven (aka home) into a slumber party.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I celebrated the 4th of July with Luciana on Monday (she’s Brazilian, but she embraced the spirit of the holiday).  We were going to go to the beach and drink beer (so American!) but it was windy and we didn’t like the idea of sand blowing in our eyes.  So instead we went to Cap Cap, a coffee shop she’d been meaning to take me to for a long time now.  Every couple months they redecorate according to some nerdy fantasy world, and we GEEKED OUT over all of the Game of Thrones decorations and menu items.  She’s watched the show and I’ve read the books, so we had an EXTREMELY nerdy conversation about who we want to see on the Iron Throne, and then we had an even NERDIER conversation about whether or not Christians should watch Game of Thrones.  (Spoiler: we both said yes, just know your limits.  Which is why I don’t watch it, actually – I don’t mind nudity and sex, but I cannot stand watching graphic violence.)

On Tuesday, Luciana stayed the night again so that I could show her The Fall, my favorite movie of all time (excluding Lord of the Rings, which is my favorite everything of all time).  Tatiana and Natasha wanted to watch it too, which made me very nervous, because I had hyped this movie up a LOT by saying how it was basically a pictorial representation of my soul, and what if they didn’t like my SOUL??  I don’t think they did, but Luciana did, and we stayed up for hours talking about all the symbolism and beauty and then talking about our other favorite movies.

On Wednesday, Luciana left to meet up with her husband at a retreat.  He’ll stay away longer than her, so she’s going to come back to stay with me a lot of next week too.  Which is great, because I am LOVING having such a nerdy friend.  I love a lot of people, but nerds are the nearest and dearest to my heart, because so much of how I interact with the world is through imagination.  Hopefully George will become my friend – she said that if I come play video games with them, I’ll be in, which…easy.

I had my Greek lesson with Maria on Thursday, and I was in a super exhausted mood.  This week was especially exhausting at HD – a lot of changes happened in a short amount of time, and I had no brain space to understand Greek.  #storyofmylife

On Friday I met up with Martha, the director of New Life.  She’d told Dina about a new visa option, and Dina suggested I meet with her myself since she hadn’t followed a lot of it.  I took Martha out for tea, and well, I didn’t understand a lot of it either, BUT I felt encouraged.  Ever since I came back from Turkey, I’ve been feeling so much better about staying in Greece.  The obstacles that I have to overcome in order to stay here feel more like challenges, and I like a good challenge.

Nothing happened on Saturday.  I thought about going shopping, but then I stayed home and read (Uprooted by Naomi Novik, omg it’s so good) and played a computer game.  At one point Tatiana said, “We’re a quiet house.  Two quiet girls and a quiet cat.”  I patted Hans Harrison, who was sleeping on my stomach and said, “Just how I like it.”


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