The Martian by Andy Weir

18007564There is nothing I can say about The Martian that hasn’t already been said.  It’s as good as the hype!  It’s a technically dense book that somehow makes mechanical engineering exciting.  It’s an survival story that captures the loneliness and desperation of space travel.  It’s a rescue operation that builds the tension to the breaking point over and over again.

It’s so fun!  Mark Watney’s personality is what elevates the novel from boring science-speak to a touching story about one man’s endurance and humor in the face of oblivion.  His logs are funny, occasionally irreverent, and alternately joyous or devastated.  When the book opens up the world so that we get perspectives from NASA and his crew on Hermes, it gets even better!

Honestly, the story is disorienting.  I don’t know enough about space engineering to know if anything he says is accurate, but it sure SOUNDS possible.  So why aren’t we on Mars yet?  Let’s agree to put Andy Weir in charge of NASA – nothing could go wrong with that plan.   Continue reading