Venice is an amazingly unique city, full of twisty streets, water transportation, and…tourists.  It is absolutely FULL of tourists.  Granted, my mom and I visited the city at the worst time of the year; a weekend in August is basically asking to be smothered in visitors wearing shorts and sporting cameras around their necks.  And it didn’t help that we had just come from Slovenia, which is a country that boasts wide open spaces and mostly short lines.


But okay, can I really complain about Venice?  I KNOW how ridiculous and privileged that sounds.  I’m not ready to give up on the city, and I would love to return in, like, November or February and see if the experience is more enjoyable.  But I cannot tell you how much the presence of tourists made the place feel cheap and fake.  I mean, one night we returned to the hotel early to watch Heath Ledger in Casanova, because an ACTUAL fake Venice seemed more appealing than the real thing.  Continue reading

Off to Ljubljana, Slovenia!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you:
Travel Blogs from Slovenia and Venice!

My mom is visiting me for a couple weeks, and that is way too long to stay in Athens.  Greece is beautiful, but I am not a mermaid and the sea does not call to me.  I want to be in forests with rivers and lush green things.  I CANNOT WAIT.  I have wanted to go to Slovenia since sixth grade, when I wrote a report on the country that included details such as “exports timber and has castles.”  Trees and castles can apparently spark a fifteen year desire in me to explore a place!  We will rent a car and drive through the country for five days before heading to Venice for another three days.

I will try to post as regularly as possible, but I don’t know exactly what our time/wifi-access will be like.  But until August 16th – come along to Slovenia with me!