Off to Ljubljana, Slovenia!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you:
Travel Blogs from Slovenia and Venice!

My mom is visiting me for a couple weeks, and that is way too long to stay in Athens.  Greece is beautiful, but I am not a mermaid and the sea does not call to me.  I want to be in forests with rivers and lush green things.  I CANNOT WAIT.  I have wanted to go to Slovenia since sixth grade, when I wrote a report on the country that included details such as “exports timber and has castles.”  Trees and castles can apparently spark a fifteen year desire in me to explore a place!  We will rent a car and drive through the country for five days before heading to Venice for another three days.

I will try to post as regularly as possible, but I don’t know exactly what our time/wifi-access will be like.  But until August 16th – come along to Slovenia with me!

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