Bucky Barnes Fanvids

Every once in a while, a girl has to binge herself on fanmade videos of Bucky Barnes.

This is a thing, right?

It all started with this video I found on Tumblr, which was captioned “this is so erotic” and THEY WERE RIGHT.


My fav is problematic Pt. 143.  I’m a pacifist, okay!  But I still get turned on by powerful men working out their toxic masculinity in tight-fitting leather outfits because they don’t know how to express their feelings and be proper humans!!

It helps that the editing of this video is SPOT ON and wow, does the synchronization of punching/music beats really make the whole thing pop.

I moved on to this video, which did a great job of transitioning from sad “omg Steve lost his BFF Bucky” to screeching “I’m alive and I want to punch people to death!!!”

These are the two things I love most about Bucky.  There’s the tragedy of his story (and Steve’s story).  They are people manipulated by governmental powers into becoming something other than themselves (sometimes for good, but always something foreign).  Steve takes that confusion and anger and buries it, Bucky takes that confusion and anger and expresses it.

Maybe my fav is not so problematic!  Through the character of Bucky Barnes, I get to see expressed anger, to vicariously live through someone who is like, “THIS SUCKS AND I WILL FIGHT MY WAY OUT OF IT” which is so NOT my natural reaction.

I might be pushing this a little too far, because let’s be real, this is mostly about dat body.

Anyway, I fell down the Bucky Fanfid rabbithole, and eventually I was left with not very well-crafted videos, so I need your help!  Do you know of any great Bucky Barnes (or other Marvel-themed) videos to recommend?

StumbleUpon Sunday (1)

StumbleUpon is a giant collection of the best pages on the Internet.

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