The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning

Many books that describe “how to follow Jesus” read like a to-do list.  Pray, read your Bible, fellowship with believers, confess sins, practice accountability, etc etc.  Manning’s book does none of those things!  It’s as if he really believes and understands that Christianity is a relationship with God that involves interaction and emotion.  Instead of checking off spiritual disciplines, Manning tells his story, detailing moments in his faith when he felt close to God, when God seemed distant, when he was overwhelmed by the reality of Jesus’s love for him, Brennan.

The Signature of Jesus presents a high calling to a life of sacrifice and discipline, but Manning makes it sound not only possible, but desirous.  And that’s the difference.  We don’t do things to please God or to make ourselves feel closer to Him.  We seek out God and receive Him and feel His love for us–and then we do things.

I love everything Manning has written.  I think he is such an important voice to listen to, especially for perfectionistic task-driven people like me. 

1705201Book Jacket

God’s Word reveals that Jesus seeks after us.  “Behold,” Jesus proclaims, “I stand at the door and knock.”  You may have already met him at the door…but have you fully received him?  Have you been transformed by the furious, passionate, and unexplainable love of Jesus?

Brennan Manning writes:  If our Christian beliefs…are not grounded in a shattering, life-changing experience of Jesus as the Christ…our witness is worthless.  The gospel will persuade no one unless it has so convicted us that we are transformed by it.

To love and to be loved beyond worthiness…To forgive much and to be forgiven even more…To courageously risk living with passion and boldness…This is what it means to be transformed by the Crucified Christ.

Learn how you can experience this crazy, overwhelming love firsthand…and discover what it means to live with the passion of Jesus as you become marked forever by the signature of Jesus:  the Cross of Christ.

Release Date:  1988


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