Sunday Summary #30: What’s on the Internet

1|  Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda will co-star in a Mary Poppins sequel!  It’s not quite (at all) a Hamilton movie, but I’ll take it!

2|  The Internet drew my attention back to this truly phenomenal interview with Chris Evans in 2011.  I can only DREAM of someday so completely and inappropriately doing my “job” of interacting with and becoming flustered by America’s Sweetheart.

But in the days since my first interview with Chris Evans, I’d drunk myself under the table, snuck out of his house at five thirty in the morning, bummed a ride home off a transsexual, been teased mercilessly in front of his mother, and now—this bit in the paper.

I don’t remember touching his chest, which is too bad.

(It was around then that we were spotted by the gossip reporter that I didn’t know was a gossip reporter, or else I wouldn’t have explained to him on the way back from the bathroom that Chris was “soo flirty” and that I had “the biggest crush on him.” Haha. Oops!)

 There will never be an interview as glorious as this.

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