She Stood in Front of a Room

13226690_857414189742_3629267896197706555_nby Mallory Huber

She stood in front of a room of mostly familiar faces as she explained to them the journey that God has brought her on in a single month. “Fairy tales are real, not in that they show you the existence of dragons but in that they show you your dragons can be defeated.” Her words echo in my soul even 9 days later as I try to encapsulate a trip of experience and beauty into sufficient words. The picture of her fruit tree resonates in my heart as I attempt to explain the depth of what she has learned and how much deeper she can and will go.

She stood in front of a room with her art project, a tree with a trunk of blue and top of pink. Each fruit different but meaningful. A lemon, hanging next to the strawberry, representing “Light” as this past month she has learned that to bring her fears into the light and to understand them is a good thing because everyone has fears and to know them is a part of the healing process. Pumpkins next to cherries, and apples next to watermelons, each exemplifying her healing process.

She stood in front of a room as an act of defiance against her past and that which tries to keep her bound. She stood there as an act of redemption. The first girl to enter the program, known as “A.” Perhaps more than just because her name starts with an “A.” Perhaps because she is first, but more will come after her. She is alpha pointing to the true Alpha and Omega, who has and will truly bring redemption to her.

She stood in front of a room at HD, and she let me partake in the beginnings of a new ritual for them. A ritual that time does not get to control. Yes, it was this celebration of a graduation of one month down, but time will not dictate when the journey is ended. Healing and redemption and the great Author of the Faith will dictate this.

She stood in front of a room as a symbol of the journey. She stood as a symbol that seemingly began with 7 years of prayer. This journey started many years ago with a vision and prayer, and she stands as fruition of that. No, time does not get to dictate. He is only a supporting character in this story. Each lady who walks through that door will be there because it is a part of her story of healing, stories written by One who perfects and orders time itself. She stood in front of a room, and all I could do was be in awe.

Mallory is a dear friend, and I’m so grateful she visited, sharing both her silliness and her wisdom.  Referenced here was her participation in HD’s first Celebration Week.

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